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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Top 11 GOSH Products

I want to share with you my top eleven products from GOSH Cosmetics. It was going to be my top ten but I couldn't battle it down!

Here we go..

GOSH Precious powder pearls -
these give a lovely glow on the skin,so far I think they only come in one shade for all skintones. These pearls are super soft and are great applied with a big fluffy brush to give a healthy glow

GOSH X-Ceptional wear-
This foundation is the one I always come back to if my skin is playing up. It's a full coverage foundation that is long lasting and doesn't clog up pores. It comes in a range of colours and here I have 'golden -16' this is for when I'm not tanned and for the winter months and 'sand -14' this is for when I'm tanned and on holiday.

GOSH Lip Gloss -
These have a lovely consistency and they're not sticky at all. The ones I have are in shades '0082' and '0058' and these are very opaque and you only need one coat to get a good colour on your lips.

GOSH Soft'N Shine Lip Balm -
Even though these are lip balms the colour pay off is amazing. I have these in the shades 'irony-40' and 'angel-32'. The only thing I can say negatively about these lip balms is the fact that the colour in the tube isn't the same as it comes off on the lips. But that doesn't really matter as they're so moisturising!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick-
Everyone knows of this lipstick especially in the one that's photographed above in the shade 'darling'. These lipsticks are again so moisturising and are very pigmented.

GOSH Natural Blusher -
These blushes are perfect for a natural look. They're is only two shades and these are the ones above - 'electric pink-39' and 'rose whisper-36'. I re-purchased Rose whisper (the one that i've hit pan on!) over and over back in the day when I wasn't a complete makeup addict! Now I no longer use it as much but still love it. The blushes don't swatch very well however they are very pigmented when put onto the face.

GOSH Glamourous Eye Shadows -
These really don't get enough mention,they are very pigmented and they're is a great range of colours. The ones above are 'Gold-10' and 'Grey Brown-14'
I really like these colours and they both have a good amount of shimmer in them which isn't chunky. They are very soft to touch as well.

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner-
These pencils are extremely soft and pigmented. They also have amazing staying power as I can put this on at half-six in the morning and it will still be there by six at night, plus they're waterproof! I love this colour as well -this is 'cool mint'. This is one of my favourite GOSH products.

GOSH "Touch-Up" -
This concealer is so smooth and extremely blendable. This is the green one which obviously cancels out the redness in your skin tone which is great for me as I have acne so my face is always very red. This cancels out a lot of the redness and really does a good job of what it's supposed to do. This is in shade '5'

GOSH Jumbo Lip Pencil-
The Pencil in the picture above obviously needs sharpening but these apply so smoothly and are so so pigmented. I think they're is only around three colours available in the jumbo lip pencils because they were made for summer. These have good staying power and are so easy to apply,you get a great colour and precision when using this.

So that's the end of my post,if you like these types of posts,with my top products from a certain brand please comment :))?
Thank You for reading,I know it was a very long post!

make-up addict <3

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