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Friday, 12 November 2010

October Favourites!

(Theres no pictures yet-but will be (: )

No one knows how glad i am that its friday!  -This week has been hell, there has been so much revision that i don't even feel like i know how to relax anymore!

Anyhow, i must apologise, i know i've been the worst blogger in this entire world these past few weeks but i truly am sorry and i'll promise to post more!  -oh and by the way, just to make matters worse the internets been down for the last week -.^

Well, I better get on with my favourites, i know its the 12th of november but who cares(: !

First up is..

Coralista Blush by benefit - this one of their boxed blushers and since getting this gorgeous blusher in one of their limited edition sets released this christmas, its been my to-go-to blush and has totally won me over from MAC's Springsheen!

Next is..

Collection 2000's Fake It, False Lash Effect Mascara - i want to say this has changed my life but i wouldn't really go that far! I was so fed up of L'oreal's telescopic that i ventured into the world of boot's and took the plunge and I'm extremely happy to say that it was the right thing to do! This Mascara is amazing and it really does give you a false lash effect without looking fake. This doesn't flake away and can be reapplied throughout the day if needed, I really can't say enough about this! Just go an buy it.. £4.99 at Superdrug or Boots (:

Third on my list...

Natural Collection's Sheer Lipstick in Sorbet - this is beautiful! i've been really impressed by this brand over the month of october. It seems to bring out natural products, for very little price that are very good quality for their money and this little gem is definatly one of them.


This is always one of my favourites - its my go to lipgloss. It's ELF's Mineral Lipgloss in Daring. This colour brightens up my face when i wear it and i really think it gives me that flush of well needed colour. It's running out, so i'll have to stock up on it. I love this range of lipglosses from ELF anyway as they're really great quality for only £3.50. I really do love this colour as well (:


The most boring thing the planet has ever come across - Makeup Sponges! :O
They really have been my savouir this month, my Studio Fix Fluid has gone on like a dream with these beauties and i just buy the ones from superdrug that come in a pack of 20. I've been using these a lot more than my brushes at the moment as i'm just finding that they give me the better finish.

The last is a little something for my hair...

It's V05's Weather Resistant Volume Boost Gel Spray. For the last few weeks, i haven't been curling or straightening my hair (except from my side fringe-doesn't really count!) and it really is doing it some good. I've just been scrunching it when i blowdry it (: It's been a dream for time in the mornings I have to say! I've been spraying this in at the ends to around the middle of my hair and just scrunching it and then putting in my dry shampoo. This really has made my hair a little more interesting and wilddd! (in a good way!)

Make-up Addict <3

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