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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

september favourites (:

i know that i'm bit early with this but its my birthday on saturday the second and otherwise i won't actually get to post this!
batiste coloured dry shampoo-
this is the one for brown hair but in my opinion,it still needs to be darker as it still shows up grey-ish in my hair and i look silly walking into school with a huge grey blob on my head! anyhow, i really have been loving this and not so much for removing the greasy patches in my hair-yeah its great for that as well, but i've been curling my hair every day since i started back at school (which will be like four weeks ago this week). so this has been great for chucking in my bag and giving my hair that quick 'pick-me-up' of volume that it needs. i love this so much especially as its only £2.30!

the pore-fessional-
i've only had this for about three days to be honest but just the concept of this is making me think that it's such a quirky product. in my opinion, benefit isn't one to come up with wonder-making statements such as this, they're normally just a make up brand in my eyes. but with this product, they say 'PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores'. if you pick out the bits of what they say- they only say 'appearance' but still, i'm looking forward to really trying this out. this was £23.50 -so this is more of a favourite buy but who cares! (:

the falsies volum' express mascara-
i did a quick post on this last week sometime so you can go and check that out if you want to find out more (:  i'm really liking this mascara especially as a big change for me to swap as i was always with 'max faxtors lash extension effect' -it was like my baby!
now i've moved on,even though i'll probably go back!  this really seperates my lashes and i'm loving it! this is £7.99 (:

mac 249 large shader brush-
you many mac freeks will be telling me that this is not made for concealer, well i'm using it as a concealer brush as it's a nice sized brush for applying concealer in large amounts but to a precise area. this has completly changed my makeup rountine and has speeded it up (:
i love this brush, especially with the collection 2000 concealer-amazing! 
this is probably my favourite favourite!

so that was my september favourites, sorry this has been such a long post guys,

makeup addict <3

Monday, 27 September 2010

NOTD: miss sporty clubbing colours in purple rain(:

i thought i'd do my first 'nail of the day' today, as last night just as x factor had finished and i'd wiped away my tears i decided i needed to re-paint my nails as they looked awfully chipped and all scabby. so as i wanted to dive to my Barry M: Baby Pink,but i couldn't find it and couldn't leave my nails looking like this for another day.

so i decided to go for a Miss Sporty polish thats been in my collection for ever such a long time! I've got this one in shade Purple Rain - Its one of their 'clubbing colours' and is a 'quick dry' polish.

this is what it looks like,after two coats plus a top coat (:

sorry that the picture is such rubbish quality, it was half nine at night- not the best time to be picturing nails!
however as you can see from the pot of polish, the shimmer is even noticeable there (and no thats not a flashes relection!)

i'm liking this colour and the polish,i want a more girlie colour now though. so i'll probably post another NOTD in a few days time :')

thank you,

make up addict <3

Sunday, 26 September 2010

how to apply: revlon colourstay foundation (:

hope you're all doing well and good (:
this is just a little tip i thought i'd give you as i really struggled to apply this foundation when i got it, so i thought i'd spare you the time and tell you!
here it is if you haven't seen it (:

so,this foundation as many people may have noticed comes with a open topped bottle with no pump.
 In many ways this is so annoying as you're normal techniques of applying foundation are literally thrown out of the window!
Anyway, i find this way the easiest way to actually apply this foundation...

step one,
get a plastic bag like one of these on the right. you can even use some cling film or just foil if you don't have a plastic bag.

step two,

pour a blob of the foundation about the size of a fifty-pence piece onto the plastic bag.

step three, 

get a angled sponge like this one and run it under the cold water until its just damp(it needs to be damp, otherwise this won't work) 

step four,

dip the sponge into the foundation and then apply to your face as you would if using a foundation brush. this gives you a flawless complexion but also makes the coverage very equal over the whole face.

step five,

to cover your imperections if there still visible, dab the edge/corner of the sponge into the foundation and dab it onto the 'still visible imperections' on the face. if they're still not covered then just use your normal concealer to cover them up.

I've found this is the easiest way to apply this foundation as it doesn't cake as much when applied like this.

Let me know if you like this way of applying the revlon colourstay or what way you use (':

make-up addict <3

Thursday, 23 September 2010

happy days(:

you know when you secretly love the feeling that someone elses miss-fourtune is your happiness?
that's what this is about, along with my love for mascaras <3  - yes it's moved on from lipgloss now, haha.
to cut the long story short, my mum needed a new mascara, so in her lunch break at work she popped into superdrug and came across the 'maybelline falsies' mascara, and thought she'd give it a try. However getting back to work she'd realised she'd actually brought the black one, instead of brown!-She doesn't like black mascara at all!
up above: falsies (:   -if you haven't already seen this!

anyway.. so me being me, suggested that she should give it to her only daughter, mwah! so off i go in happiness with a new mascara in my hands-and this means a review's coming (:

i tested it out when i got in from school and i really really like the brush! It's really cool, the packaging is also nice,as i love pink (: it's exactly the same packaging as there 'colossal' mascara-haven't tried that one yet though!  the brush is what they call, a 'spoon brush' -its a pretty good description of what it looks like to be honest...

the brush seems more curved in real life but you can see what i'm trying to say. the consistency of the mascara is quite thick but i don't think this will be a negative of the product. so...

a review on this will come extra soon (: so look out for it,    -after posting this, someone stole my makeup bag that i had in school so a review is no longer possible. however i may be repurchasing this in the near future (:

make-up addict <3

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

concealer (: -collection 2000 lasting perfection, review!

as i have zero followers at the moment, i feel like its pretty pointless typing this but hopefully someone will wonder across my beautiful blog, and realise that its more than just words (: and if your that someone, i love you! <3

anyway.. back to the review, i find review's pretty helpful and especially when the product is a bargin and this one definatly is! It's £3.99 at superdrug.
this concealer is a real winner for me- its cheap,it has a good constituency,good coverage and everything that can be good about a concealer! 

this is a liquid concealer and looks like this...
it looks the part with sleek black packaging and clear black writing. the colour's are 'alrighttt' there's four colours to choose from as far as i know, very light, light, medium and dark. I have medium, and it's a little on the light side for me, but i don't want to jump on the dark shade because i don't want to look oraaaaange!

it has a normal sponge applicator that is perfect for concealing blemishes, as its big enough to cover 'one' with only one slodge. here it is..

how boring? most of you have more or less seen one of these before, but just in case you haven't i thought i'd give you the pleasue of seeing one of these beautiful things!

however, i do use a concealcer brush to apply this to larger areas and also to under my eyes. i use my MAC 249, now all you 'mad-mac-people' will tell me 'no,it's a large shader brush-for your EYES!?' and they'll all be a bit like 'hello?!?!'  but for me, i like quite a large concealer brush for this product, compared to my 194-which in my opinion is only for precise application. MAC has a plethora of brushes, and they are all very multi-purpose but each to there own.

this is a prize winning concealer for me, and if i was you i'd totally give it a go! :)  for £3.99, can you go wrong ?

make up addict <3

Monday, 20 September 2010

nude nails :)

don't you just love nail varnish? well i do,
and i've found my polish of the month (: and its Model's Own in Nude Beige.

i've really wanted a nude nail polish for ages now, and as i was in river island on thursday last week in the queue gazing around as you do! My eyes reached the Model's Own nail varnishes, and although every colour caught my eye i seemed to have them all in Barry M's Nail Paints and i really didn't see the point in buying them all again just in another brand.

so i saw the nude colour, which from my memory Barry M don't have a nude and since i'd been wanting to try the Model's Own polishes i decided to give this beaut a go...

  its a gorgeous nude but with a matte finish. however it does have a shine to it once applied to the nails and i tried to capture it here but lighting was no good...

this was after one coat and it already had a opaque finish, but afterwards i realised that it may have a more with standable power if applied twice.

I'm really please with the turn out and will let you know what i think of the staying power :)

make up addict <3

Sunday, 19 September 2010

well.. 2true colour drench lipglosses :) - RAVE!

as i was mooching round superdrug on a saturday afternoon with my gingerbread latte from costa (tasted amazing,especially as it was freeeeeeezing!) i came across the twirly,tall tower filled with 2true cosmetics. as with many people-we think that the more expensive the make up the better it has to be, well not in this case as all the 2true make up, are £1.95 each or 3 for £5 (i also picked up a concealer- a review will come soon!)

at the moment, i seem to have a problem with lipgloss; i'm buying a hell of a lot! so as i twirled around this tower of makeup, these beauties caught my eye...

up above, this gorgeous colour is in shade 1 :) its a lovely matte bright pink, it gives you amazing coverage. The bright colour really tops off the rest of your make up, and brightens up a natural look, its amazingly pigmented and is buildable at the same time. &for £1.95 you can't go wrong!

up above again, this is in colour 7 (:   this is a lovely coral colour, and has gold sparkles flowing through it. If you look on their website, shade seven and shade one look horrible- seven it looks bright orange and one looks a disgusting barbie purple! but their not, you really need to see them in real life.

these lipglosses are so pigmented and are really worth the trip to your nearest superdrug!
as far as i know-thats the only place you can pick 2true up at the moment, but superdrug's also online remember ! ;) 

make-up addict (L')