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Sunday, 26 September 2010

how to apply: revlon colourstay foundation (:

hope you're all doing well and good (:
this is just a little tip i thought i'd give you as i really struggled to apply this foundation when i got it, so i thought i'd spare you the time and tell you!
here it is if you haven't seen it (:

so,this foundation as many people may have noticed comes with a open topped bottle with no pump.
 In many ways this is so annoying as you're normal techniques of applying foundation are literally thrown out of the window!
Anyway, i find this way the easiest way to actually apply this foundation...

step one,
get a plastic bag like one of these on the right. you can even use some cling film or just foil if you don't have a plastic bag.

step two,

pour a blob of the foundation about the size of a fifty-pence piece onto the plastic bag.

step three, 

get a angled sponge like this one and run it under the cold water until its just damp(it needs to be damp, otherwise this won't work) 

step four,

dip the sponge into the foundation and then apply to your face as you would if using a foundation brush. this gives you a flawless complexion but also makes the coverage very equal over the whole face.

step five,

to cover your imperections if there still visible, dab the edge/corner of the sponge into the foundation and dab it onto the 'still visible imperections' on the face. if they're still not covered then just use your normal concealer to cover them up.

I've found this is the easiest way to apply this foundation as it doesn't cake as much when applied like this.

Let me know if you like this way of applying the revlon colourstay or what way you use (':

make-up addict <3

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