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Saturday, 30 October 2010


this isn't the best quality photo:/   but i haven't done one of these yet, so i thought it was time...

Primed With...   Body Shop's Face Primer Matte It

MAC's Studio Finish Concealer in NC20
MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NW20
Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium
Bourjous Bronzing Powder in 52
Benefit's Coralista Blush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh Natural in Medium

Barbra Daily's Eyeshadow Base
Sleek's Storm Palette - Top Row Second from the left - All Over The Lid
Sleek's Storm Palette  - Top Row First from the left - In The Outer Corner
MAC's Woodwinked - In The Crease
MAC'S Fluidline in Black Track
Benefit's Bad Gal Lash

Body Shop's Lip Butter In Satsuma - My lips are too dry to wear any proper lip products at the moment:/

hope you liked it guys, (:

make-up addict <3

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

i'm sick!

as you can tell from above, i'm not very well :/
i'm off school today but i can only afford to have one day off because of revision and all that rubbish! 

this is just a ramble to be honest, because i'm sat in my room feeling sorry for myself, watching youtube after youtube video! -when your ill its the best thing to do!
well, i need to firstly say sorry for the lack of posts over the past eight days, its a bit rubbish of me but i've been trying to find a balance between youtube and blogging. i think maybe i'll blog one day and then do a video the next-that should work :)

the next video i've got coming up is a collective haul from my trip to birmingham including, river island, zara, pandora, mac and miss selfridge (:    and then i've got a blog post coming up about maxfactors mineral liquid illusion foundation, but i still haven't made my mind up whether i like it or not, so that won't be up for a few days yet!

anyway, i hope you're all doing well and aren't sick like me (:

make-up addict <3

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

hugeeee ELF Haul!

as i promised last week, i've got an Elf haul for you all (:

this is pretty big and it go delievered to my mums work (which is my school) so i was looking through my hugee parcel while sat waiting for her to finish work - pretty occupying actually!

this is going to be a pretty long post, sorry guys!   however,it is mostly pictures :)


the lot (:

 above: £1.50 each (:

Monday, 11 October 2010

youtube-your thoughts?

I have a youtube account but i only have a few videos up because i thought that people didn't want to see my videos as i only had twelve subscribers:/

On the other hand, i love watching people on youtube and wanted to be someone that people like myself could look up to.

So I'll still keep up the blogging because i love it, its really different to anything i've ever done and i'm really getting into it. But would you guys like it if I did some more youtube videos?

let me know if you can in the comments below as it would mean a lot (:    - thats my channel, it would mean the world if you would check it out and subscribe!  :)

so yeah, let me know what you think!

make-up addict <3

Sunday, 10 October 2010

X Factor updates (:

hello lovelies (:  sorry i haven't posted for a few days-don't know what's happened!

this is isn't going to be at all beauty realted but i thought i'd give you all a little update on what i thought of X Factor last night because well it's my life from now until christmas - i know, sad right!

my favorite had to be aiden grimshaw, as i cried! he was so amazing and the tension in his performance was so good :)

then second has to be one direction - blantenly just because they're all gorgeous as hell! (especially liam <3 ) but i thought their take on vida la vida was really good in my opinion and that they really made it their own!

third has to be cher - just because she's her,i love her attitude and her rapping gives her a total edge but i find it really hard to watch her sing as it makes me cringe! she's still amazing though.

fourth would probably be matt - they gave him such a cool song to sing- when love takes over; how wicked is that,it's like a proper new song and for him especially, he's only really sang slow songs in the first stages.     -i thought it was pretty cool anyway!

-so yeah, them lot where really good :D 

also, have you heard about itunes, you can buy the x factor finalists songs on there-like the actual ones they've sung from that week! i've just brought aiden's,katie's and one direction's (:    -may be heading for matt's as well, haha.

they're 99p each, so each week you can buy any song they sing on the show!

anyway...that's my chitt-chatting for a sunday afternoon!

make-up addict <3

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Beautiful Opia Pendants

Primark's new pendants are so ultra gorgeous! The beautifully charmed necklaces are so pretty and delicate its hard to believe that they only took £1.50 per piece out of my pocket!

There is four necklace's in the series so far however i only have two so far and without further ado here they are...

this is so adorable! there is four little keys on the pendant of the necklace along with a little red heart and a minute 'pearl' heart. the keys spell out love if you can't see already (:
i think this is so cute and pretty and i also love the gold chains that are around at the moment-i think they make the jewellery a lot more vintage-looking.

this necklace is beautiully designed as its very simplistic and gives off a look that is more kitsch. the bumble bee is gold and black stripped with little crystals in the stripes - this is also on a gold chain.

so you can see they're both completely different but both lovely :)

have you brought any nice necklaces recently?

make-up addict <3

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Haul! :)

my MAC parcel was at my feet when i walked through the door and i was just so excited about it all i had to blog about it!
i got some money for my birthday and knowing me, the day after i was off on MAC's website looking for some other bits of make-up that i totally didn't need what-so-ever!

i came across things i'd 'favourited' before hand and did some 'ahh-ing' and 'ooo-ing' but decided on these four lovely beaut's...

my first little beauty was the Fluidline in Blacktrack - i'm really excited to try this and i think i'm going to apply it with my 263 and see how it goes. i'll let you know :')

the second is the Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 in NC20 - i brought this because i was out of my collection 2000 lasting perfection and fancied trying something different. i've read so many great reviews about this one so it should be good but i need a new concealer brush first before i can even try this - furstrating or what!?!
so the review on this one could take a little while longer!

third is this gorgeooousss mineralize blush in warm soul - i have it on right this minute because i couldn't wait so i did my face again just for this!
its a lovely peachy-pink with slight gold shimmer-but hardly anything at all. i love this so much and i'll give you a review on it soon,  once i've given it a good go but after applying it once and seeing the pay off i'm guessing it's going to be a pretty good one (:

i know, i know its another blush but my obsession seems to be changing between products every two seconds! this is the Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen and no i haven't tried this one yet, but it feels and looks so gorgeous! this is a mid-shade pink with gold shimmer but this one has more of it than warm soul but not to much that its over powering and it doesn't look chunky either (:   
i'll try this one tomorrow for you all!

so that was my lovely little MAC Haul for you all and i'm really happy with the bits i've purchased. there will be another haul up in the next few weeks as i'm going to do a big e.l.f order tonight (:

oh and also, thought i'd let you know..  the shipping on this order was amazing - i ordered this bunch on sunday night at around 7 o'clock and it was here today by ten in the morning, thought it was pretty good in my eyes!

make-up addict <3

Monday, 4 October 2010

NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink (:

doesn't every one just hate mornings when you hear that alarm and you just know the day ahead of you if going to drag on and on!    -exactly how i felt this morning.

any how, along with many other people i love the barry m nail paints, i love the colour selection however the consistency doesn't seem to agree with my nails somehow. but that doesn't matter because they're inexpensive and lovely colours (:

today i decided on the 'shocking pink' -this is proabably my most used polish as i've only got around a 1/4 of the bottle left, i'm pretty pleased with myself!

this is how it looks on..

the bottle may look disgusting around the top of the lid-this is because when i went away once i didn't screw it back on properly and it spilt all over everything! Not good!

make-up addict <3

Sunday, 3 October 2010

birthday haul! :'D

yesterday was my birthday and i thought i'd share what i got from my lovely family and friends :)

 the mac things i got: fix+  studio fix fluid NC20  MSF natural in Medium  MSF in Soft and Gentle (:
 MSF: Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
 MSF Natural in Medium
 River Island Make-Up Bag! Isn't this just so cute, it has little ears as well :)
 River Island Leather Tan Distressed Satchel Bag - this will be used a lot! :)
 Hugeeeee Leather Brown Bag - From italy
 Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Bag
Topshop Knitted Faux Fur Waistcoat - love it!
 River Island Knitted Cream and Bottle Green Striped Jumper
 Topshop Delicate Knit Baby Pink Lacy Jumper
 Tophop label of the above jumper-just wanted to show you all the knit of the jumper
On top-River Island Black Leather Shorts
On bottom-New Look Grey and green tartan shorts  - love both of these :D
Topshop grey and white stripey vest top with 12 poloroid pictures ;) -so cute!

i got some other bits as well but i didn't want to bore you all with a hugee post (:

make-up addict <3