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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Beautiful Opia Pendants

Primark's new pendants are so ultra gorgeous! The beautifully charmed necklaces are so pretty and delicate its hard to believe that they only took £1.50 per piece out of my pocket!

There is four necklace's in the series so far however i only have two so far and without further ado here they are...

this is so adorable! there is four little keys on the pendant of the necklace along with a little red heart and a minute 'pearl' heart. the keys spell out love if you can't see already (:
i think this is so cute and pretty and i also love the gold chains that are around at the moment-i think they make the jewellery a lot more vintage-looking.

this necklace is beautiully designed as its very simplistic and gives off a look that is more kitsch. the bumble bee is gold and black stripped with little crystals in the stripes - this is also on a gold chain.

so you can see they're both completely different but both lovely :)

have you brought any nice necklaces recently?

make-up addict <3

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