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Sunday, 10 October 2010

X Factor updates (:

hello lovelies (:  sorry i haven't posted for a few days-don't know what's happened!

this is isn't going to be at all beauty realted but i thought i'd give you all a little update on what i thought of X Factor last night because well it's my life from now until christmas - i know, sad right!

my favorite had to be aiden grimshaw, as i cried! he was so amazing and the tension in his performance was so good :)

then second has to be one direction - blantenly just because they're all gorgeous as hell! (especially liam <3 ) but i thought their take on vida la vida was really good in my opinion and that they really made it their own!

third has to be cher - just because she's her,i love her attitude and her rapping gives her a total edge but i find it really hard to watch her sing as it makes me cringe! she's still amazing though.

fourth would probably be matt - they gave him such a cool song to sing- when love takes over; how wicked is that,it's like a proper new song and for him especially, he's only really sang slow songs in the first stages.     -i thought it was pretty cool anyway!

-so yeah, them lot where really good :D 

also, have you heard about itunes, you can buy the x factor finalists songs on there-like the actual ones they've sung from that week! i've just brought aiden's,katie's and one direction's (:    -may be heading for matt's as well, haha.

they're 99p each, so each week you can buy any song they sing on the show!

anyway...that's my chitt-chatting for a sunday afternoon!

make-up addict <3

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