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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My favourite of the week

I want to share something that I've been leaving out of my life that now needs a place again. At the moment,I seem to be loving things that I've had for a while:)

This one is.. MAC's Mineralise Blush in Warm Soul. You may remember me hauling this item just after my birthday?
Well it kind of got ignored as I brought it at the same time that I brought MAC's Springsheen and that was way nicer at the time.

So here it is. As most of you will know, MAC mineralise blushes are domed. They contain 3.5g of product but as most of you know,blushes don't get used up very quickly. The mineralise blushes are extremely smooth and very pigmented as most MAC blushes are!

without flash

with flash

This is me wearing the colour. In the pan it looks bronzy with gold shimmer. In the pan it also looks like there is large chunks of glitter that may transfer onto the skin,however they don't. The colour is beautiful on and only has a slight bronzy affect. It is mainly a dusty pink with gold shimmer. It's very pretty and I really enjoy wearing this colour:)

What's your favourite MAC blush?

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

I'm not a happy bunny..

This is one of my beloved MUA eyeshadows in shade 11,which of course is one of my favourites from this brand:/

Its just ugly now *sad face*
This was a gorgeous colour and now it's broken!

As my mum and dad have split up and I still live at home because I'm only fifteen - I have to transport some of my makeup to and from either house. However,they've been apart for eight years and not one of those times has anything broken in transit. They also only live three minutes away from each other so it just gets put in the car and then taken out. I am mildly dissapointed and these shadows will no longer be taking the journey outside one house.

It's a shame because they're lovely but when something like this happens,I can't help but have disappointed thoughts.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What do you think?

I want your opinions because you're my beautiful followers :)
I've been told that my life is like a book because I have so much going on and from the things I tell my nearest&dearest,they all reply with the same thing of..
I'd want to read that in a book!

So.. I'm not going that far,but yes I am thinking of starting to write a lifestyle blog. With all my daily antics,I think it would be a fun thing to read;)

source: weheartit

I want your opinions on this one,would you all enjoy reading my life story,? haha!

I would still write for this blog,just as often,but it would slowly become as much of a priority as this one :)

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

NOTD: a twist

I'm wearing Gosh's Sweet Peach all over my nails and then Boot's 17 in Purple Jewel on the tips and on the thumb. I'm okay at painting my nails but rubbish at nail art and even not very good at painting tips on the ends of my nails so these don't look amazing'! But I quite like them, its something different anyway!

Just so you can see what purple jewel looks like in the bottle :)

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Top 11 GOSH Products

I want to share with you my top eleven products from GOSH Cosmetics. It was going to be my top ten but I couldn't battle it down!

Here we go..

GOSH Precious powder pearls -
these give a lovely glow on the skin,so far I think they only come in one shade for all skintones. These pearls are super soft and are great applied with a big fluffy brush to give a healthy glow

GOSH X-Ceptional wear-
This foundation is the one I always come back to if my skin is playing up. It's a full coverage foundation that is long lasting and doesn't clog up pores. It comes in a range of colours and here I have 'golden -16' this is for when I'm not tanned and for the winter months and 'sand -14' this is for when I'm tanned and on holiday.

GOSH Lip Gloss -
These have a lovely consistency and they're not sticky at all. The ones I have are in shades '0082' and '0058' and these are very opaque and you only need one coat to get a good colour on your lips.

GOSH Soft'N Shine Lip Balm -
Even though these are lip balms the colour pay off is amazing. I have these in the shades 'irony-40' and 'angel-32'. The only thing I can say negatively about these lip balms is the fact that the colour in the tube isn't the same as it comes off on the lips. But that doesn't really matter as they're so moisturising!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick-
Everyone knows of this lipstick especially in the one that's photographed above in the shade 'darling'. These lipsticks are again so moisturising and are very pigmented.

GOSH Natural Blusher -
These blushes are perfect for a natural look. They're is only two shades and these are the ones above - 'electric pink-39' and 'rose whisper-36'. I re-purchased Rose whisper (the one that i've hit pan on!) over and over back in the day when I wasn't a complete makeup addict! Now I no longer use it as much but still love it. The blushes don't swatch very well however they are very pigmented when put onto the face.

GOSH Glamourous Eye Shadows -
These really don't get enough mention,they are very pigmented and they're is a great range of colours. The ones above are 'Gold-10' and 'Grey Brown-14'
I really like these colours and they both have a good amount of shimmer in them which isn't chunky. They are very soft to touch as well.

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner-
These pencils are extremely soft and pigmented. They also have amazing staying power as I can put this on at half-six in the morning and it will still be there by six at night, plus they're waterproof! I love this colour as well -this is 'cool mint'. This is one of my favourite GOSH products.

GOSH "Touch-Up" -
This concealer is so smooth and extremely blendable. This is the green one which obviously cancels out the redness in your skin tone which is great for me as I have acne so my face is always very red. This cancels out a lot of the redness and really does a good job of what it's supposed to do. This is in shade '5'

GOSH Jumbo Lip Pencil-
The Pencil in the picture above obviously needs sharpening but these apply so smoothly and are so so pigmented. I think they're is only around three colours available in the jumbo lip pencils because they were made for summer. These have good staying power and are so easy to apply,you get a great colour and precision when using this.

So that's the end of my post,if you like these types of posts,with my top products from a certain brand please comment :))?
Thank You for reading,I know it was a very long post!

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

I've found love again

..with ELF's Cool Coral

source-google images

I loved this lipstick for ages when I first got it and it was my summer lipstick staple, but I forgot about it when my lips got chapped and went shockingly disgusting!

However,last week just before I was going to dance,I decided to change up my look and put this on and it was instant love again! <3

I put it on today and I've been in love with it,even though I've had to reapply it throughout the day it's just such a beautiful colour that I don't care!

Earlier on today I felt like I wanted a more glossy effect so I applied ELF's clear gloss out of the plumping lip glaze and this looked lovely to :))

It's just so versatile,I'm sure theres going to be many favourites posts with this in it'!

I'm in love again <3

make-up addict <3

Friday, 19 November 2010

I'm Amazed at Sleek

Can you believe it? Three posts in one day, its not normal I assure you! However, I felt like I needed to get this out there..

As most of you know, last week Sleek Makeup had a 50% sale and me being me I totally forgot to make my order. Anyway I was reading a blog on Saturday morning and they said that Sleek had extending their sale until midnight that night. So while watching X Factor I made my order on their aggratingly slow website *shakes head in dissapointment*
However, after I'd made the order, it told me I haden't made it. Well, I was so annoyed after it had taken me about 2 hours to order about six things and I wasn't prepared to go through that trouble again!

But, last night I was sat in bed watching I'm a celebrity (No, I'm Not a TV Addict! Haha) checking my emails and three popped up, yes three saying i'd ordered off of the Sleek website three times with exactly the same things being ordered each time.
Well I freaked! Badly, basically I'm only a fifteen year old girl and the money that my mum and dad give me is in cash so my bank account only had just enough to cover one of these orders. So I was really worried that my bank would sue me and god it was all so dramatic!

However, I emailed sleek and said 'I didn't place the orders of 12*** and 12***, I only placed one order and that was 12***. If the first two could be cancelled that would great because I don't have that much money in my bank account as I am only 15, Many Thanks, Jess' - I sent this at 21:02pm last night and they told me that it would take up to 3 days for them to get back to me.

Well, this morning at 11:14am I got an email through saying 'Hi Jess, I will cancel these orders for you. No money will be taken from the account and if you are due a refund these will be done automatically. Thanks for shopping with Sleek MakeUP!'

-I was over the moon that they'd been so nice about it, maybe its because I was so worried that just a little reassurance that was needed but I was so happy that I thanked him throughly and told him I'd mention how good the service was on my blog!

So I just thought I'd let you all know about that, because when things like that go wrong I think its always the best feeling to have that reassurance.

Thank you as always,

Make-Up Addict<3

Drugstore FOTD

I had fun making myself do my makeup with just drugstore,it was really hard but really easy at the same time! Like to not be able to use MAC's mineralised skinfinish natural nearly killed me!
Hope you enjoy and also... sorry for the posey pictures ;)

Revlon colour-stay in 220 natural beige
Elf all over cover stick in ivory
Natural collection pressed powder in warm
Elf studio blush in candid coral

Barbra daily eye base
MUA eyeshadow in shade 11 pearl (all over lid)
MUA eyeshadow in shade 12 pearl (outer corner)
MUA eyeshadow in shade 1 pearl (brow highlight and inner corner)
Sleek kajal eyeliner in nocturnal
Collection 2000 big fake mascara

MUA lipstick in shade 11

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Elf offers!

I just thought I'd let you know that until sunday ELF are giving away their new 32 piece eyeshadow palettes for free when you use this code:


I'm guessing that this is only when you buy something from their website but if you enter this at the checkout you'll be able to receive one for free :)

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

MUA Haul

Hello my lovelies, have you realised that I've been pretty good with posts the past few days- I'm quite proud of myself!
Today I'm going to be doing a haul on the brand that is MUA. This range is amazingly priced at £1 each for every single item in the range. For those of you that don't know, this range is superdrugs own and is subjected to 36 branches in the UK. Unfortunatly, my superdrug isn't one of the thirty six that stock it so i had to order online. These are the thirteen little pieces that i ended up with...

everything together.

from L-R: shade 12 pearl, shade 1 pearl, shade 11 pearl, shade 13 pearl and shade 3 pearl

sorry for the weird upside down picture!
eye shadow swatches-
from L-R: shade 13 pearl, shade 12 pearl, shade 1 pearl, shade 11 pearl and shade 3 pearl

from L-R: shade 3, shade 2, shade 11, and shade 13

lipstick swatches-
from L-R: shade 3, shade 2, shade 11 and shade 13

from L-R: shade 2, and shade 3
lipgloss swatches-
from L-R: shade 2 and shade 3

nail varnish's -
from L-R: shade 7 and shade 10

Thats my haul for you all, I'm a bit un impressed about the lipstick shades of two and eleven but i'm sure I'll warm to them. The only products I've tried properly are the nail varnish's. I have shade seven on now and oh my god! Its amazing, I will totally be stocking up on loads of these polishes, they are such good quality- might have to buy all of them! For only £1 each Its not going to break the bank!

I'll be reviewing the rest of the things I picked up soon (:

make-up addict<3

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Elf Mineral Lipglosses: Review

i feel like its time for a review, so i'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite group of lipglosses and these are the elf mineral lipglosses, these cost £3.50 from and in th UK this is the only place you can get them from however in America, i'm pretty certain that they sell them in some drugstores.

i have these in the shades - sorority girl, bare, daring & wild.

from left to right: sorority girl,daring,wild and bare

these glosses are my go-to lipgloss. the texture of them isn't too sticky, but also not too wet as though they would just slip off. the colour range on the website is very wide and new shades are added quite frequently. the glosses are quite small compared to a MAC lipglass but still big enough to carry 6.5g of product.

swatches - from left to right: wild,daring,sorority girl and bare

bare is the only non-shimmery shade that i chose. however, sorority girl is the only colour that has shimmer in it when looking at the tube and also on the lips - its hard to explain!

daring is by far my favourite colour and even though its red its a wearable color for everyday as its a buildable colour. it really gives colour to the face without washing it out.

the only minor problem i've had with these is the fact that because i use the daring lipgloss so much, if you look closely at the top photo, you'll be able to see that on the lid of that one it looks slightly sticky. well this is because they're is a leak of some sort in the top of the lipgloss and this makes it a pain when putting in a bag or makeup bag to take out. sometimes it is fine and others it will leak everywhere.
this is not a big problem though as for only £3.50, you can pick another one up and also, it may only be my one that was faulty.

i would really encourage you to all go and pick up one of these lipglosses for the price that they are as i really don't think that the're mentioned enough on the beauty community.
i love these so when you're next making an order from ELF, check these out - i really recommend all the colours that i have (:

make-up addict <3

Monday, 15 November 2010

monday ramble

i feel as though my blog needs some kind of structure so from now on i'm going to be doing a segment every monday where a post will be added full of rather random and beautiful things <3

picture source: weheratit
can anyone else actually not wait for GLEE to come back onto our screens?! my monday nights really aren't complete without it and i'm dieing to know whats going to happen next! -EDIT:comes back on 10th Jannuary 2011

picture source: weheartit
it's not much to ask is it?

picture source: googleimages
did i really need that makeup i ordered yesterday?

picture source: weheartit
i'm determined to make it the best one yet. i've been putting so much thought into what i want to get everyone for christmas and i just hope they like it (: - i love buying otehr people presents, i think thats one of the best bits of christmas!

picture source: googleimages
i've made my list for christmas and i'm hoping to be a very good girl before that and only buy maybe one lipstick (or two?) before the big day! i'll keep you all updated!

picture source: googleimages
i don't know whether i'm the last one to jump on the train with this one but i'm finding it pretty amazing and i've been signing up for a good bunch of the freebies they've got going on the beauty section. FREE rimmel,maybelline,eve and vie mascaras, lipsticks and glosses!

make-up addict <3

Sunday, 14 November 2010

NOTD&FOTD:and all that jazz ;)

just a quick FOTD -
MAC's studio fix fluid - NW20
MAC's studio finish concealer - NC20
Elf's all over cover stick in ivory
MAC's mineralize skinfinish natural in medium
MAC's Springsheen Blush
MAC's mineralize skinfinish in soft&gentle

Benefit's Bad Gal Lash
Sleek's Kajal eyeliner in nocturnal

Elf's Mineral Lipstick in Cool Coral - LOVE IT!

Accesorize nail polish - shade 38 (:
i love this colour, its so so so pretty! - It's an exact dupe of MAC's Bad fairy (i think) Nail Laquer from the venomas villans collection. This is this nicest nail polish i've ever owned and it was £4 from accesorize (:

make-up addict <3

a la drugstore hauling

today i just popped into town to pick up some things that i'd run out of,but then 3 for 2 kicked in *raises eyebrow*!

so here's just a few bits and pieces that i got from superdrug and surprisingly... audi!

Twin pack of cotton pads - thought i'd start with the least glamourus things! these are from audi as my dad had to go in there to buy some choccies so as they were only 99p and i was desperate for new ones, i picked them up  (:

Antibacterial hand gel - again, this is ultra boring but when i'm hauling- i'm showing you girls everything i've got! this one was from superdrug, it was 2 for £1.50 so i picked one up and so did dad. he said it'd be good for my school bag!

Gosh Darling Lipstick - i'm  probably the last person on this earth to get hold of this, every one knows what this looks like and i'm really looking forward to trying it. It was £6.49 (i think) from superdrug. I don't normally like nude lipsticks as i think brighter colours suit me a bit better but i needed to get my hands on this after i swatched it. It was really creamy and i felt better about buying it!

Gosh Lip Gloss in 0098 - this is when the 3 for 2 kicked in. i'm such a sucker for offers! even if they don't even help me, i still get sucked in - god i'm awful! This colour is really nice, it looks more pink in the tube, but on the lips it comes off as a pinky-red. i put this on when i got home and i really like this colour. the lipglosses aren't sticky but they are quite wet. overall, this is a nice shade.

 Gosh Lip Gloss in 0096 - Yes, so this was my third on the 3 for 2. I wanted a more sustainable colour that wasen't too bright or too nude and i think this has that potential. Its more of a purpley-pink and for winter i think this will look nice (:  I haven't tried this on my lips yet, but i'm guessing it will have the same formulation as the first shade.

Superdrug's make up wedges - These come in a pack of 20 and in quite a good quality zip up bag. It took me ages to actually find some make up sponges that came in a big pack. I could only find ones that came in packs of twos or fours. I've been using sponges everyday to apply my foundation at the moment as i find it gives me a better finish than a brush at the moment.

Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer - most of you probably know that this is my holy grail concealer, and even though i had 3 back ups, this morning they all decided they didn't like me and none of it was left! so i had to pick this up. It's in medium if any of you were wondering!

Lacura Aqua Complete Moisteriser - i've heard good things about audi's moisterisers, and if they live up to the hype i'll be a very happy girl because this was only £1.99! it's in quite a large pot and it smells gorgeous because its enriched with sea minerals. It's actually a blue cream which is quite strange, however- i comes out as normal!

Lacura Concealer Pen - i'm really annoyed at this picture! you can't even see what it says, how stupid! anyway, i've also been told that this is amazing as well, its a dupe of ysl's touche eclait but for only £3.99. in audi they didn't have any testers so i had to take a guess at my colour match. there was only two shades to chose from anyway - amber and cashmere, with cashemere being the lightest and amber being the darker shade. after some debating i chose cashmere as i'd rather it be too light that too dark and i have to say, even if this is on the lighter side of things, once it's blended out the colour is perfect. there's a button on the bottom which you can see on the photo, that you press to eject the concealer into the brush applicator which can thm be brushed onto the face for the application. I'm really looking forward to trying this as i have high hopes for it, a review will follow!

thank you all for reading my blabber on this sunday afternoon! if you'd like reviews on any of the products mentioned then just ask and it'll be done (:

make-up addict <3