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Saturday, 20 November 2010

I've found love again

..with ELF's Cool Coral

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I loved this lipstick for ages when I first got it and it was my summer lipstick staple, but I forgot about it when my lips got chapped and went shockingly disgusting!

However,last week just before I was going to dance,I decided to change up my look and put this on and it was instant love again! <3

I put it on today and I've been in love with it,even though I've had to reapply it throughout the day it's just such a beautiful colour that I don't care!

Earlier on today I felt like I wanted a more glossy effect so I applied ELF's clear gloss out of the plumping lip glaze and this looked lovely to :))

It's just so versatile,I'm sure theres going to be many favourites posts with this in it'!

I'm in love again <3

make-up addict <3

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