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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Elf Mineral Lipglosses: Review

i feel like its time for a review, so i'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite group of lipglosses and these are the elf mineral lipglosses, these cost £3.50 from and in th UK this is the only place you can get them from however in America, i'm pretty certain that they sell them in some drugstores.

i have these in the shades - sorority girl, bare, daring & wild.

from left to right: sorority girl,daring,wild and bare

these glosses are my go-to lipgloss. the texture of them isn't too sticky, but also not too wet as though they would just slip off. the colour range on the website is very wide and new shades are added quite frequently. the glosses are quite small compared to a MAC lipglass but still big enough to carry 6.5g of product.

swatches - from left to right: wild,daring,sorority girl and bare

bare is the only non-shimmery shade that i chose. however, sorority girl is the only colour that has shimmer in it when looking at the tube and also on the lips - its hard to explain!

daring is by far my favourite colour and even though its red its a wearable color for everyday as its a buildable colour. it really gives colour to the face without washing it out.

the only minor problem i've had with these is the fact that because i use the daring lipgloss so much, if you look closely at the top photo, you'll be able to see that on the lid of that one it looks slightly sticky. well this is because they're is a leak of some sort in the top of the lipgloss and this makes it a pain when putting in a bag or makeup bag to take out. sometimes it is fine and others it will leak everywhere.
this is not a big problem though as for only £3.50, you can pick another one up and also, it may only be my one that was faulty.

i would really encourage you to all go and pick up one of these lipglosses for the price that they are as i really don't think that the're mentioned enough on the beauty community.
i love these so when you're next making an order from ELF, check these out - i really recommend all the colours that i have (:

make-up addict <3

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