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Thursday, 25 November 2010

I'm not a happy bunny..

This is one of my beloved MUA eyeshadows in shade 11,which of course is one of my favourites from this brand:/

Its just ugly now *sad face*
This was a gorgeous colour and now it's broken!

As my mum and dad have split up and I still live at home because I'm only fifteen - I have to transport some of my makeup to and from either house. However,they've been apart for eight years and not one of those times has anything broken in transit. They also only live three minutes away from each other so it just gets put in the car and then taken out. I am mildly dissapointed and these shadows will no longer be taking the journey outside one house.

It's a shame because they're lovely but when something like this happens,I can't help but have disappointed thoughts.

make-up addict <3


  1. I hate when my makeup gets ruined... I dropped my face powder in the loo once! :'( ... and you're only 15? Wow! I thought you were like 17/18... you're only 1 year older than me haha! xxxxx

  2. Have a look on Youtube hun, there are videos that show you how to repair broken eyeshadows. I hate it when this happens. It is always sod's law that it's your favorite one!

  3. @Phoebs :) - I hate it too, i haven't dropped anything down the loo yet! But there is always time! haha, and yeah; a lot of people tell me that, thankyou! :')
    @Lucie - Yeah, i've had a look, but it was just in too many pieces to even have a go at it! &yeah, it was my favourite!