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Sunday, 14 November 2010

a la drugstore hauling

today i just popped into town to pick up some things that i'd run out of,but then 3 for 2 kicked in *raises eyebrow*!

so here's just a few bits and pieces that i got from superdrug and surprisingly... audi!

Twin pack of cotton pads - thought i'd start with the least glamourus things! these are from audi as my dad had to go in there to buy some choccies so as they were only 99p and i was desperate for new ones, i picked them up  (:

Antibacterial hand gel - again, this is ultra boring but when i'm hauling- i'm showing you girls everything i've got! this one was from superdrug, it was 2 for £1.50 so i picked one up and so did dad. he said it'd be good for my school bag!

Gosh Darling Lipstick - i'm  probably the last person on this earth to get hold of this, every one knows what this looks like and i'm really looking forward to trying it. It was £6.49 (i think) from superdrug. I don't normally like nude lipsticks as i think brighter colours suit me a bit better but i needed to get my hands on this after i swatched it. It was really creamy and i felt better about buying it!

Gosh Lip Gloss in 0098 - this is when the 3 for 2 kicked in. i'm such a sucker for offers! even if they don't even help me, i still get sucked in - god i'm awful! This colour is really nice, it looks more pink in the tube, but on the lips it comes off as a pinky-red. i put this on when i got home and i really like this colour. the lipglosses aren't sticky but they are quite wet. overall, this is a nice shade.

 Gosh Lip Gloss in 0096 - Yes, so this was my third on the 3 for 2. I wanted a more sustainable colour that wasen't too bright or too nude and i think this has that potential. Its more of a purpley-pink and for winter i think this will look nice (:  I haven't tried this on my lips yet, but i'm guessing it will have the same formulation as the first shade.

Superdrug's make up wedges - These come in a pack of 20 and in quite a good quality zip up bag. It took me ages to actually find some make up sponges that came in a big pack. I could only find ones that came in packs of twos or fours. I've been using sponges everyday to apply my foundation at the moment as i find it gives me a better finish than a brush at the moment.

Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer - most of you probably know that this is my holy grail concealer, and even though i had 3 back ups, this morning they all decided they didn't like me and none of it was left! so i had to pick this up. It's in medium if any of you were wondering!

Lacura Aqua Complete Moisteriser - i've heard good things about audi's moisterisers, and if they live up to the hype i'll be a very happy girl because this was only £1.99! it's in quite a large pot and it smells gorgeous because its enriched with sea minerals. It's actually a blue cream which is quite strange, however- i comes out as normal!

Lacura Concealer Pen - i'm really annoyed at this picture! you can't even see what it says, how stupid! anyway, i've also been told that this is amazing as well, its a dupe of ysl's touche eclait but for only £3.99. in audi they didn't have any testers so i had to take a guess at my colour match. there was only two shades to chose from anyway - amber and cashmere, with cashemere being the lightest and amber being the darker shade. after some debating i chose cashmere as i'd rather it be too light that too dark and i have to say, even if this is on the lighter side of things, once it's blended out the colour is perfect. there's a button on the bottom which you can see on the photo, that you press to eject the concealer into the brush applicator which can thm be brushed onto the face for the application. I'm really looking forward to trying this as i have high hopes for it, a review will follow!

thank you all for reading my blabber on this sunday afternoon! if you'd like reviews on any of the products mentioned then just ask and it'll be done (:

make-up addict <3

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