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Monday, 15 November 2010

monday ramble

i feel as though my blog needs some kind of structure so from now on i'm going to be doing a segment every monday where a post will be added full of rather random and beautiful things <3

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can anyone else actually not wait for GLEE to come back onto our screens?! my monday nights really aren't complete without it and i'm dieing to know whats going to happen next! -EDIT:comes back on 10th Jannuary 2011

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it's not much to ask is it?

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did i really need that makeup i ordered yesterday?

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i'm determined to make it the best one yet. i've been putting so much thought into what i want to get everyone for christmas and i just hope they like it (: - i love buying otehr people presents, i think thats one of the best bits of christmas!

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i've made my list for christmas and i'm hoping to be a very good girl before that and only buy maybe one lipstick (or two?) before the big day! i'll keep you all updated!

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i don't know whether i'm the last one to jump on the train with this one but i'm finding it pretty amazing and i've been signing up for a good bunch of the freebies they've got going on the beauty section. FREE rimmel,maybelline,eve and vie mascaras, lipsticks and glosses!

make-up addict <3

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