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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes!

I've been baking some cupcakes today as I do this a lot and thought that this time, I'd take some pictures along the way and show you how to make them, even though the majority of you probably already know! 


-125g (4.5oz) Unsalted Butter 
-125g (4.5oz) Caster Sugar 
-2 Eggs
-100g (3.5oz) Self-Raising Flour
-30g (1oz) Self-Raising Wholemeal Flour
-1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
-Finely Grated Zest of an Orange

-175g Icing Sugar 
-75g Butter
-Chocolate Chips (White and Milk Chocolate)
-Silver Decorating Balls
-Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Marshmallows

Firstly line your cake tin with cake cases. However, I like to use Muffin cases instead as I like to make them a lot bigger than just small cupcakes! Also Preheat your oven to 180 C, Gas Mark 4, 340 F.

Next, Add the eggs, sugar and butter into a large bowl. Then sift in the Plain and Wholemeal flour. If there is any bran left in the sift, put that in the bowl as well. 

Then mix it all together with a electric mixer for around 2 minutes. 

After that, Take 2 teaspoons and spoon your designated amount into your cases. Then, to mix it up a bit, I put around 6 chocolate chips in the middle of each cupcake.These then all melted in together once cooked and were all gooey and yummy! 

These are what they looked like when they were out of the oven, and because I used muffin cases, I only managed to make ten out of this recipe but in my opinion- I'd prefer a larger cake than lots of tiny ones.

To Decorate...

I put the butter into a large bowl and then sifted in the icing sugar a bit at a time, whilst I was mixing with an electric mixer.

This was me in mid-decorating mode! As you can see, a bit of a mess everywhere! I just mixed it up by putting white and milk chocolate chips on the cakes, also the silver balls on some and some mini marshmallows on others. I kept the decoration near the top and middle of the cakes as they look more professional (Mine Do Not!!) and less child-like that way!

This is what they looked like at the end!

They were extremely yummy! I placed them all on my mums cake stand and thought they look nice and pretty on there!

Days like this are the ones we remember..

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that yesterday was one of my favourite days of the entire year, obviously the royal wedding contributed towards it (Didn't she look AMAZING!?) But we also had lots of family and friends round and I just really enjoyed it and had such a great day! 

Today though, we're just chilling out and I may pop into town because I have a real urge to go and pick up some more soap&glory products! I thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today and what's on my face.

17 photo flawless skin primer
estee lauder double wear foundation
mac studio finish concealer 
benefit erase paste concealer 
maybelline mineral power concealer
benefit bluffdust
mac mineralise skinfinish natural 
pixi bronzer 
mac sheertone blush in pink swoon 
famous by sue moxley baked bronze pot in miami 
udpp in normal
mac e/s in all that glitters (all over the lid)
urban decay e/s in sidecar (in the crease)
mac e/s in cork (outer corner)
almay one coat dial up mascara in black brown
benefit bad gal eyeliner (on tightline)

vasaline with cocoa butter 
revlon colourburst lipstick in peach

top: topshop
shorts: topshop 
tights: primark 

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I Love You



Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You Wanna Be A Loser Like Me!

The title is the lyrics to one of the songs on glee this week - Loved it! 

I jumped in the shower after school, which is really weird for me because I always have one at around eight-ish! Anyway.. up above is my natural hair without any straighteners or curlers and It actually looks.. nice! I do think that It's down to the Soap & Glory Hair Supply mask that I borrowed from my mum earlier though. I'd never used it before as I brought it her for mothers day along with some other bits. I'd heard amazing reviews, and after I've just used it, I can see why! It's made my hair so so soft and it just feels so healthy and fresh! 

I re-did my makeup when I got out of the shower as I think I might go out for a walk later on because it's a lovely day. I just chucked on some MAC Studio Fix Powder in replacement of foundation and it feels very fresh and light, However it defiantly doesn't give me the longevity that I want for everyday! 

I'm really getting back into blogging if you haven't already realised! It's really therapeutic just to write anything I want. I've not uploaded to youtube in nearly 2 weeks because of holiday and now because of the internet - It's not staying strong enough for long enough to upload anything! I am going to now try and put some reviews on here, I might post one tonight actually, because however much I love rambling to you all.. I do feel like this blog needs a bit of structure and actual information going on! 

I Love You



Tuesday, 26 April 2011

'Cause You're Amazing Just The Way You Are...

 both of you.
 yes, i mean you.
 can't wait to go again!
 same as above!
 does this need explaining?
 summer!'s everything inside.
even if i do love you? 
 always remembered.
 glee, enough said?
i try to.

pretty pictures because I feel like it!

I Love You



Sunday, 24 April 2011

I want to be back there..

I got back from The New Forest last night and I so want to be back there now, I'm sat here drowned in french revision and we've got family coming round later. I just want to be back out on the beach in my bikini! It's so not fair what so ever! 

Anyhow, I've taken a break from attempting to memorise 263 words of french to come and show you what attire I have on today and a bit of my face I suppose!

top-miss selfridge


estee lauder double wear foundation 
benefit bo-oing concealer 
benefit erase paste concealer 
pixi bronzer in light bronze
beauty uk blusher in peaches and cream
mac msfn in light/medium 
chanel pressed powder in almond


udpp in sin
mac e/s in all that glitters
mac e/s in sable
mac e/s in woodwinked 
mac eyeshadow in naked lunch
kiko luxurious lashes maxi brush mascara


revlon colourburst lipstick in peach

so yes, I'm now going to go back to filling my brain with even more french mumo-jumbo and if any of you have any tips for memorising anything, please let me know in the comments!? 

I Love You


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's A Beautiful Day..

I actually love these kind of posts, the ones where I start off not having any kind of clue of what I'm about to write. I do have one thing to say though.. this weather is absolutely gorgeous! You know when you go outside in chinos or jeans and then two seconds later you're sweltering! That's what I've been like for 3 days, it's kind of starting to annoy me but then I don't want to jinx myself otherwise it will start raining! At this minute in time, I'm sat in my Topshop Sleeveless camel and white vertical striped top and my Aubin and Wills Grey High Waisted Skirt. I do have to say, this has been my saviour this week! I have no picture because well I can't seem to find it on the website! However.. I have been able to wear it with everything because its just plain grey with a elasticated waist and you can wear it at any height that you require. It really is a staple piece in my wardrobe!

^^oh and I've had to wear my hair up so much this week because it's been so hot!

So, I really wanted to blog because I didn't want to have a whole week without uploading or posting, that would end up with me having withdrawal symptoms! 

I know this wasn't long but hopefully gave you a little bit of an update, 
also I just wanted to tell you..

I'm head over heels in love with my estee lauder double wear foundation and also my MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara - one word - AMAZING! :D

I Love You


Monday, 18 April 2011


No, nothing is properly happening! I just wanted to let you know that I am doing my follow me around vlog's, It's just that the internet is so so so slow here that It's taking me two years to upload an 8 minute vlog! I have edited it and it's sitting here on iMovie waiting to be uploaded for you all to see, however this place doesn't want it to! 

(thought this post was pretty boring without a picture and i thought this one was pretty)

Anyhow... As I was saying, These will be up because I will try later tonight again and maybe in a minute! If they don't work, then I'll have to upload it next week! Sorry my lovelies <3

I Love You


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Somewhat Summary...

This will be a bit of a rambly post but bare with me because I have some lovely pictures and nice words to share with you all about how much you all mean to me and how much blogging's changed me!

Just a lickle update to start with.. If any of you watch my YouTube as I know a few of you do, you'll know that at the moment, I'm on holiday in the new forest and supposed to be doing follow-me-around vlogs, I am doing those just going to upload them every other day as then I'll be putting two days into one. Day's 1&2 should be up later tonight! 

 The practical shoes that I decided to wear to the beach, yes- I know, not too good for the beach! Everyone else was practical and wore flip flops but I wanted to exchange the comfort factor for the fashion!
 Me and my little cousin who has featured on here before - Hannah. We were at the beach with everyone as you've all figured out from above and it was a really beautiful day <3
As you can tell.. It really was gorgeous, I don't know who these random people are in the background but I'm sure they'll love to be featured on my blog as you know, it's just so popular (not!)! However, this now brings me onto the next thing in this post..

I love you, even if you feel down or alone- I'm always here as a friend or just someone to open up to, I know a lot of you have already emailed me about issues and bits and bobs.. but seriously, I really am an inviting person and will always give you all my absolute support just like you all do for me. On all the posts about my life, youtube and you know what else, all of you have always been there, behind me and it feels so great to have you all there for me! 

always remember that <3

Again, I'm sorry for the very random post but I suppose that's what these weekly summaries are all about, ey?

I love you, 


Friday, 15 April 2011

I've Just Been Bitten..

Yeah.. sorry for the cheesy title! However, I'm in love with the revlon just bitten lip stain in passion! Oh My God.. This is so stunning, it's such a wearable bright bright pink and stays on for ages! 

Isn't it just beautiful! I just had to show it to you all because well it's just so stunning! I was just going to get that but then 3 for 2 on revlon spoke to me and told me that I just had to get two other bits but now I wish I would've just got 2 other lipstains! I got..

 revlon colourburst lipgloss in 008 Peony Pivoine
 and again...
revlon colourburst lipstick in 075 Peach 
and again;)...

from l-r: just bitten lipstain in passion,
colourburst lipgloss in peony pivoine 
colourburst lipstick in peach

Thank you for reading my lovelies! :D

I Love You, 



Sunday, 10 April 2011

What I've Brought and My Wishlist...

I'm sat at a family garden party and I am talking, I promise! But.. I want to look like I'm actually doing something and I can hardly grab my camera and start filming a tutorial now can I? 

I thought I'd show you the bits that I've ordered this week and also the bits that I'm really lusting after, It's not all make-up related but I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it! 

I've purchased and waiting for...

 topshop- £30.00
 topshop- £22.50
topshop- £36.00
topshop- £10.00
debenhams- £25.50
mac cosmetics- fleur power powder blush- £17.00

I know that I'm on project 10 pan, okay?! It's just, next week I'm off to the new forest on holiday and we go with about 20 kids and 7 women.. No Husbands or Men come! So, I wanted to get double wear in my actual colour because I was matched up with outdoor beige, so I brought it and it's the complete wrong colour, I'm actually - Fresco.. Look at the difference..

I know that they're tiny.. but you can still see the difference. The bottom colour is my actual one, the top is the one that is stupidly dark- it doesn't even make me look tan, It makes me look sunburnt! 

And.. With the Mac blush, I had that code for the free Haute and Naughty mascara when you buy something, so I thought that I might as well buy something I want.. A blush! So I promise, there will be no more after this week! 

On to my actual 'Wishlist' on this sunday afternoon...

 I'm saving up for an iPad, I really would like one! I do kind of feel as though I should wait till the iPad 3 comes out though, but I don't want to wait!
 This is for the iPhone 3GS and I have a iPhone 4, it's just annoying because I love this so much! It just won't fit my phone!!
 I'm after a new HG foundation, mac studio fix fluid just isn't cutting it anymore, it cakes too much and doesn't look natural enough. I want to try Nars Sheer Glow and also Nars Sheer Matte.. Hmm.. Stupid project ten pan!
Again.. another thing from nars, the infamous laguna bronzer. I have nothing from nars and I just really want to try some things, they always have such good reviews! Also, I want a to go-to bronzer, I haven't really experimented with bronzers as much as other things and I really would like one to be able to have one that I can just chuck on!
 I want to try, orgasm and deep throat blushes because of the pigmentation and just the fact that it's a nars blusher!
This is well a complete fantasy as I'm no way going to be able to afford this at the age of fifteen, however I'm hoping one day that I will be able to treat myself later on in life!

Hope this was pretty interesting <3

I Love You,