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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You Wanna Be A Loser Like Me!

The title is the lyrics to one of the songs on glee this week - Loved it! 

I jumped in the shower after school, which is really weird for me because I always have one at around eight-ish! Anyway.. up above is my natural hair without any straighteners or curlers and It actually looks.. nice! I do think that It's down to the Soap & Glory Hair Supply mask that I borrowed from my mum earlier though. I'd never used it before as I brought it her for mothers day along with some other bits. I'd heard amazing reviews, and after I've just used it, I can see why! It's made my hair so so soft and it just feels so healthy and fresh! 

I re-did my makeup when I got out of the shower as I think I might go out for a walk later on because it's a lovely day. I just chucked on some MAC Studio Fix Powder in replacement of foundation and it feels very fresh and light, However it defiantly doesn't give me the longevity that I want for everyday! 

I'm really getting back into blogging if you haven't already realised! It's really therapeutic just to write anything I want. I've not uploaded to youtube in nearly 2 weeks because of holiday and now because of the internet - It's not staying strong enough for long enough to upload anything! I am going to now try and put some reviews on here, I might post one tonight actually, because however much I love rambling to you all.. I do feel like this blog needs a bit of structure and actual information going on! 

I Love You




  1. you are gorgeous :) x

  2. @JenKissesApples-Hehe, That made me smile :D Thank You!xx