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Sunday, 10 April 2011

What I've Brought and My Wishlist...

I'm sat at a family garden party and I am talking, I promise! But.. I want to look like I'm actually doing something and I can hardly grab my camera and start filming a tutorial now can I? 

I thought I'd show you the bits that I've ordered this week and also the bits that I'm really lusting after, It's not all make-up related but I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it! 

I've purchased and waiting for...

 topshop- £30.00
 topshop- £22.50
topshop- £36.00
topshop- £10.00
debenhams- £25.50
mac cosmetics- fleur power powder blush- £17.00

I know that I'm on project 10 pan, okay?! It's just, next week I'm off to the new forest on holiday and we go with about 20 kids and 7 women.. No Husbands or Men come! So, I wanted to get double wear in my actual colour because I was matched up with outdoor beige, so I brought it and it's the complete wrong colour, I'm actually - Fresco.. Look at the difference..

I know that they're tiny.. but you can still see the difference. The bottom colour is my actual one, the top is the one that is stupidly dark- it doesn't even make me look tan, It makes me look sunburnt! 

And.. With the Mac blush, I had that code for the free Haute and Naughty mascara when you buy something, so I thought that I might as well buy something I want.. A blush! So I promise, there will be no more after this week! 

On to my actual 'Wishlist' on this sunday afternoon...

 I'm saving up for an iPad, I really would like one! I do kind of feel as though I should wait till the iPad 3 comes out though, but I don't want to wait!
 This is for the iPhone 3GS and I have a iPhone 4, it's just annoying because I love this so much! It just won't fit my phone!!
 I'm after a new HG foundation, mac studio fix fluid just isn't cutting it anymore, it cakes too much and doesn't look natural enough. I want to try Nars Sheer Glow and also Nars Sheer Matte.. Hmm.. Stupid project ten pan!
Again.. another thing from nars, the infamous laguna bronzer. I have nothing from nars and I just really want to try some things, they always have such good reviews! Also, I want a to go-to bronzer, I haven't really experimented with bronzers as much as other things and I really would like one to be able to have one that I can just chuck on!
 I want to try, orgasm and deep throat blushes because of the pigmentation and just the fact that it's a nars blusher!
This is well a complete fantasy as I'm no way going to be able to afford this at the age of fifteen, however I'm hoping one day that I will be able to treat myself later on in life!

Hope this was pretty interesting <3

I Love You, 



  1. offt i reallly want the nars sheer glow! x

  2. The nars sheer glow and laguna bronzer are both amazing and definitely worth the fork out. Laguna is 100% my holy grail bronzer, and nars sheer glow is pretty good too. :D xxx

  3. @stun the world- Thank's for the info:) I think I'm going to get some stuff from nars, everything I have is MAC, Benefit or Drugstore :) xxxx

    @cosmetic-junkie- I know! Me to :D xx