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Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Know Theres Sunshine Behind That Rain, I Know Theres Good Times Behind That Pain..


I've been through a lot this week and I've learnt a lot of things, now I feel as though I should share it with the 27 people that are following this, and probably a few more that come across this on the way. People found out about my YouTube this week and well that was just the call for a disaster, it's something I'm extremely passionate about and something that is part of me, but also something that people can easily pick on and take the mick out of. I know a lot of guru's who have had so much stick for youtube that they stopped making videos but I wasn't prepared to let people take half of me away. 

Basically.. Without thinking about it, I subscribed to a channel that a load of boys in my year have created ('madmanolympics'- It's hilarious! Check it out and tell them that I sent you!) and well because they only had a small amount of subscribers, they were clicking on each person who subscribed to them. You can then work out what happened from there yourselves. Later on I got a call from one of my closest boy-friends, who told me that someone had posted this - 'LOL. search jdrmakeup on youtube, lol. do you think she even has a life?!' on formspring. It didn't make me feel the best to be quite honest but he re-assured me that everything would be okay. 
The next day however, I had to go home after I had a reaction to a nutri-grain bar (I have a nut allergy). One of my best-friend's then rang me later to check that I was okay and told me that one person had told my whole english class about youtube, so I wasn't very happy but I did find out who my real friends were - a person who I thought hated me, stuck up for me and said something that has really stuck by me. People that I didn't even know had stuck up for me and People that I thought nicely of just laughed. Truly, that just show's who cares and who doesn't.

In my opinion.. youtube for me is a big thing and something that I love very much. People can tell me that it's stupid and pathetic but I've really seen a different side to myself, a person that wants to achieve something that isn't just grades. I've never felt so strongly about something until this whole opportunity came along and well, it really has changed how I feel about everything. I used to be so judgemental and it's so silly. Who cares if someone is a little overweight, who cares if someone wears something thats not 'in fashion'. Who is to say that someone is not doing the 'right' thing. I used to view everything in a that way, but now It's just opened me up to be a better person.

One person said to me throughout this experience..
'The thing is with you Jess, is that your ready for the world and the only thing holding you back is your age. With sad people trying to make fun of you, life will just be easier for you, so just smile at the haters because they're just jealous that you're going to be going places while they're stuck in this pathetic little world of theirs :) Make this week not a struggle but an opportunity to show people who you really are :) <3' 

Now that, Is what has changed me this week and made me learn that wherever you are and whomever you are with, life is a ball game and to win it you've got to be individual.

I Love You



  1. I really hope your ok, you have a lovely personality and I can't believe someone would want to pick on you. You shouldn't have to quit what you enjoy, I think your brave to stick up and carry on doing what you enjoy.. If you need to ever talk to someone... we're all here. Be a bigger person and just walk on <3

  2. @Vintage.Beauty- Thank you so much <3 Whenever I need someone, I always turn to all of you, you're all so supportive and always make me feel better! :) You've made me smile :D!

  3. Jess your videos are amazing! Your going to do really well in life and on youtube aswell!!.. you make a real effort with your videos and that shows that you really care and are passionate about doing well in this industry! You deserve so many more subscribers and im sure you will get there soon just keep doing what your doing!!.. I watch every one of your videos and i love them! your one of my favorite youtubers! Yes people at school will make fun of it but thats just because they dont understand anything about how powerful and fun the online beauty industry is!.. your lucky you found out about youtube at an early age because it means you can really grow and develop your skills whilst your still learning! Dont give up and you will go very far in everything that you do!. xxx

  4. hi jess, don't listen you're going far in life your video and blogs amazzing! Keep it up! :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. @Jennifer- do you know what? all of you behind me means so much to me, to know that I have so many of you here for me, whenever I need you all <3 When I used to watch other peoples videos and I'd see people saying that they were their favourite youtubers, I always had that wish that one day, I'd be able to be that person that people would like to watch, you saying that means so much to me; you don't even realise how much :') Thank you for everything you've said,xxx

  6. @cosmetic-junkie- thank you :) glad you like them!xxxxxxxx

  7. ignore all the shit, you're so much better than them. Hope everythings good now. :D Xxxx

  8. @stun the world- Thank You :) It is now, I feel a lot better! :D xxxx