Beautiful People!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Somewhat Summary...

This will be a bit of a rambly post but bare with me because I have some lovely pictures and nice words to share with you all about how much you all mean to me and how much blogging's changed me!

Just a lickle update to start with.. If any of you watch my YouTube as I know a few of you do, you'll know that at the moment, I'm on holiday in the new forest and supposed to be doing follow-me-around vlogs, I am doing those just going to upload them every other day as then I'll be putting two days into one. Day's 1&2 should be up later tonight! 

 The practical shoes that I decided to wear to the beach, yes- I know, not too good for the beach! Everyone else was practical and wore flip flops but I wanted to exchange the comfort factor for the fashion!
 Me and my little cousin who has featured on here before - Hannah. We were at the beach with everyone as you've all figured out from above and it was a really beautiful day <3
As you can tell.. It really was gorgeous, I don't know who these random people are in the background but I'm sure they'll love to be featured on my blog as you know, it's just so popular (not!)! However, this now brings me onto the next thing in this post..

I love you, even if you feel down or alone- I'm always here as a friend or just someone to open up to, I know a lot of you have already emailed me about issues and bits and bobs.. but seriously, I really am an inviting person and will always give you all my absolute support just like you all do for me. On all the posts about my life, youtube and you know what else, all of you have always been there, behind me and it feels so great to have you all there for me! 

always remember that <3

Again, I'm sorry for the very random post but I suppose that's what these weekly summaries are all about, ey?

I love you,