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Friday, 15 April 2011

I've Just Been Bitten..

Yeah.. sorry for the cheesy title! However, I'm in love with the revlon just bitten lip stain in passion! Oh My God.. This is so stunning, it's such a wearable bright bright pink and stays on for ages! 

Isn't it just beautiful! I just had to show it to you all because well it's just so stunning! I was just going to get that but then 3 for 2 on revlon spoke to me and told me that I just had to get two other bits but now I wish I would've just got 2 other lipstains! I got..

 revlon colourburst lipgloss in 008 Peony Pivoine
 and again...
revlon colourburst lipstick in 075 Peach 
and again;)...

from l-r: just bitten lipstain in passion,
colourburst lipgloss in peony pivoine 
colourburst lipstick in peach

Thank you for reading my lovelies! :D

I Love You, 




  1. nice one ;). Loving the lip stain. xxxxx

  2. I want to buy this! I think you may have twited my arm!! XO

  3. @stun the world - hehe! thank you :)xxxxx
    @hannahbabeyxo - You should! It's amazing :D xxx