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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

i'm sick!

as you can tell from above, i'm not very well :/
i'm off school today but i can only afford to have one day off because of revision and all that rubbish! 

this is just a ramble to be honest, because i'm sat in my room feeling sorry for myself, watching youtube after youtube video! -when your ill its the best thing to do!
well, i need to firstly say sorry for the lack of posts over the past eight days, its a bit rubbish of me but i've been trying to find a balance between youtube and blogging. i think maybe i'll blog one day and then do a video the next-that should work :)

the next video i've got coming up is a collective haul from my trip to birmingham including, river island, zara, pandora, mac and miss selfridge (:    and then i've got a blog post coming up about maxfactors mineral liquid illusion foundation, but i still haven't made my mind up whether i like it or not, so that won't be up for a few days yet!

anyway, i hope you're all doing well and aren't sick like me (:

make-up addict <3


  1. Hope you get better soon! I'm a new follower BTW :)