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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

concealer (: -collection 2000 lasting perfection, review!

as i have zero followers at the moment, i feel like its pretty pointless typing this but hopefully someone will wonder across my beautiful blog, and realise that its more than just words (: and if your that someone, i love you! <3

anyway.. back to the review, i find review's pretty helpful and especially when the product is a bargin and this one definatly is! It's £3.99 at superdrug.
this concealer is a real winner for me- its cheap,it has a good constituency,good coverage and everything that can be good about a concealer! 

this is a liquid concealer and looks like this...
it looks the part with sleek black packaging and clear black writing. the colour's are 'alrighttt' there's four colours to choose from as far as i know, very light, light, medium and dark. I have medium, and it's a little on the light side for me, but i don't want to jump on the dark shade because i don't want to look oraaaaange!

it has a normal sponge applicator that is perfect for concealing blemishes, as its big enough to cover 'one' with only one slodge. here it is..

how boring? most of you have more or less seen one of these before, but just in case you haven't i thought i'd give you the pleasue of seeing one of these beautiful things!

however, i do use a concealcer brush to apply this to larger areas and also to under my eyes. i use my MAC 249, now all you 'mad-mac-people' will tell me 'no,it's a large shader brush-for your EYES!?' and they'll all be a bit like 'hello?!?!'  but for me, i like quite a large concealer brush for this product, compared to my 194-which in my opinion is only for precise application. MAC has a plethora of brushes, and they are all very multi-purpose but each to there own.

this is a prize winning concealer for me, and if i was you i'd totally give it a go! :)  for £3.99, can you go wrong ?

make up addict <3

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  1. Hey! I'm here! I've stumbled across! I agree with you - the MAC lady was trying to sell me the MAC Select Moisture Cover and I had my heart set on the Studio Finish (which I ADORE) so I bought that instead. Later on, I found out that the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer is meant to be a dupe for the MAC, but as that's £6ish, I was still a little :S about it so I found my way over to the Collection 2000 aisle instead. I love this concealer. Right now, I'm at my palest so this is still a bit too dark for me but during the summer it'll be perfect.
    Also, are there any drugstore foundations that you'd reccomend? Light coverage is all I'm going for - thank you! xxx