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Monday, 27 September 2010

NOTD: miss sporty clubbing colours in purple rain(:

i thought i'd do my first 'nail of the day' today, as last night just as x factor had finished and i'd wiped away my tears i decided i needed to re-paint my nails as they looked awfully chipped and all scabby. so as i wanted to dive to my Barry M: Baby Pink,but i couldn't find it and couldn't leave my nails looking like this for another day.

so i decided to go for a Miss Sporty polish thats been in my collection for ever such a long time! I've got this one in shade Purple Rain - Its one of their 'clubbing colours' and is a 'quick dry' polish.

this is what it looks like,after two coats plus a top coat (:

sorry that the picture is such rubbish quality, it was half nine at night- not the best time to be picturing nails!
however as you can see from the pot of polish, the shimmer is even noticeable there (and no thats not a flashes relection!)

i'm liking this colour and the polish,i want a more girlie colour now though. so i'll probably post another NOTD in a few days time :')

thank you,

make up addict <3

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