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Thursday, 23 September 2010

happy days(:

you know when you secretly love the feeling that someone elses miss-fourtune is your happiness?
that's what this is about, along with my love for mascaras <3  - yes it's moved on from lipgloss now, haha.
to cut the long story short, my mum needed a new mascara, so in her lunch break at work she popped into superdrug and came across the 'maybelline falsies' mascara, and thought she'd give it a try. However getting back to work she'd realised she'd actually brought the black one, instead of brown!-She doesn't like black mascara at all!
up above: falsies (:   -if you haven't already seen this!

anyway.. so me being me, suggested that she should give it to her only daughter, mwah! so off i go in happiness with a new mascara in my hands-and this means a review's coming (:

i tested it out when i got in from school and i really really like the brush! It's really cool, the packaging is also nice,as i love pink (: it's exactly the same packaging as there 'colossal' mascara-haven't tried that one yet though!  the brush is what they call, a 'spoon brush' -its a pretty good description of what it looks like to be honest...

the brush seems more curved in real life but you can see what i'm trying to say. the consistency of the mascara is quite thick but i don't think this will be a negative of the product. so...

a review on this will come extra soon (: so look out for it,    -after posting this, someone stole my makeup bag that i had in school so a review is no longer possible. however i may be repurchasing this in the near future (:

make-up addict <3

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