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Sunday, 19 September 2010

well.. 2true colour drench lipglosses :) - RAVE!

as i was mooching round superdrug on a saturday afternoon with my gingerbread latte from costa (tasted amazing,especially as it was freeeeeeezing!) i came across the twirly,tall tower filled with 2true cosmetics. as with many people-we think that the more expensive the make up the better it has to be, well not in this case as all the 2true make up, are £1.95 each or 3 for £5 (i also picked up a concealer- a review will come soon!)

at the moment, i seem to have a problem with lipgloss; i'm buying a hell of a lot! so as i twirled around this tower of makeup, these beauties caught my eye...

up above, this gorgeous colour is in shade 1 :) its a lovely matte bright pink, it gives you amazing coverage. The bright colour really tops off the rest of your make up, and brightens up a natural look, its amazingly pigmented and is buildable at the same time. &for £1.95 you can't go wrong!

up above again, this is in colour 7 (:   this is a lovely coral colour, and has gold sparkles flowing through it. If you look on their website, shade seven and shade one look horrible- seven it looks bright orange and one looks a disgusting barbie purple! but their not, you really need to see them in real life.

these lipglosses are so pigmented and are really worth the trip to your nearest superdrug!
as far as i know-thats the only place you can pick 2true up at the moment, but superdrug's also online remember ! ;) 

make-up addict (L')

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