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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

september favourites (:

i know that i'm bit early with this but its my birthday on saturday the second and otherwise i won't actually get to post this!
batiste coloured dry shampoo-
this is the one for brown hair but in my opinion,it still needs to be darker as it still shows up grey-ish in my hair and i look silly walking into school with a huge grey blob on my head! anyhow, i really have been loving this and not so much for removing the greasy patches in my hair-yeah its great for that as well, but i've been curling my hair every day since i started back at school (which will be like four weeks ago this week). so this has been great for chucking in my bag and giving my hair that quick 'pick-me-up' of volume that it needs. i love this so much especially as its only £2.30!

the pore-fessional-
i've only had this for about three days to be honest but just the concept of this is making me think that it's such a quirky product. in my opinion, benefit isn't one to come up with wonder-making statements such as this, they're normally just a make up brand in my eyes. but with this product, they say 'PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores'. if you pick out the bits of what they say- they only say 'appearance' but still, i'm looking forward to really trying this out. this was £23.50 -so this is more of a favourite buy but who cares! (:

the falsies volum' express mascara-
i did a quick post on this last week sometime so you can go and check that out if you want to find out more (:  i'm really liking this mascara especially as a big change for me to swap as i was always with 'max faxtors lash extension effect' -it was like my baby!
now i've moved on,even though i'll probably go back!  this really seperates my lashes and i'm loving it! this is £7.99 (:

mac 249 large shader brush-
you many mac freeks will be telling me that this is not made for concealer, well i'm using it as a concealer brush as it's a nice sized brush for applying concealer in large amounts but to a precise area. this has completly changed my makeup rountine and has speeded it up (:
i love this brush, especially with the collection 2000 concealer-amazing! 
this is probably my favourite favourite!

so that was my september favourites, sorry this has been such a long post guys,

makeup addict <3

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  1. Ooh i might try that pore- fessional xxx