Beautiful People!

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello to all my beautiful followers and to anyone else who is about to read this ramble of writing. I feel as though I need to update you all on what's been going on with my blog as to be honest, since 2011 has begun I have completely neglected it. 
-My first reason is that I have got my YouTube up and running properly and have been putting up videos at least three times a week, so that has taken up a big chunk of my time. 
-My second reason is that school and revising for silly exams is just getting stupid, and literally after this exam is over I never want to hear the word Biology ever again!!  
-and Thirdly..  I've not really had much inspiration, nothing really to blog about. If I love a product, I've mentioned it in a video, and as I know that some of you read my blog as well as watch my YouTube, that would be pretty boring for you all:/     

I've come across a few beauty blogs in the past few months that have been not posting as regularly or have even stopped blogging completely (Lollipop26 - Come Back Pleaseee!) I just feel as though, everyone is trying to blog about the same product and I know that if I read three reviews on one thing, thats enough to make up my mind on whether to buy it or not. I don't need to read fifty-four of them!   

I'm not going to blab on and on about the beauty community dying or anything like that as I still love it dearly and don't think it's anyway near its way out of any of our lives!   
I was basically wondering, would you all mind if I do 'off-the task' posts. Meaning they aren't completely about just makeup and beauty products. I feel as though, I've been enjoying posts that people do that are basically just about what they've done that week and what's been going on with them. I know it's being nosey, but aren't we all! Anyway.. So as I've been enjoying those posts the most, I now want to write more posts like that.

Thank you for any of you that have read till now!    
If any of you could let me know whether you'd mind posts such as, what I mentioned above then could you all let me know in the comments down below (: ?  

I love you all dearly and thank you for supporting me.

Jess, x 


  1. Awww, i know how you feel about the whole revising thing im taking my gcse sciences too, its seems thats all im doing! xx

  2. @cosmetic-junkie: That's exactly how I feel! It's so annoying! I'm sat here with my aqa science revision book trying to revise! hahaa, it seems to be with me 24/7! xx