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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Avon: Your Thoughts?

I just wanted to ask you all something in this post. My mums friend from work is an Avon representative and has given her a catalogue, now as she doesn't have that big of an interest in makeup as I do, she's given it to me and has asked me if I want anything.

Now, I have never ordered from Avon as I've always thought of it for older women (don't know why!?) but over the past year, I feel as though it's been mentioned more on blogs and throughout YouTube.

I am writing this to ask you all what you think of Avon, and whether you think it's worth me ordering anything from there or whether you think that it's kind of pointless? (:

I would also love to know what you guys think I should pick up from there? Or what I should steer clear of! (:

Thanks my lovelies!


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  1. Hi :)
    i've orderd a eyeliner off avon after trying my friends and i really liked it so i guess reading reviews on the internet is helpful :)
    awsome blog, your youtube channels really good too! xx :)

  2. @cosmetic-junkie Thank you for your response and thank you for following (: Yeah, I'm thinking about ordering an eyeliner as well! I think I've got my order together now! (: xx