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Monday, 28 February 2011

Tag: Getting To Know Me

tI was tagged by the lovely Jen, over at jenkissesapples ( to do this tag, so here I go! 

8 TV Shows I Watch: 
-one born every minute 
-x factor (when its on!) 
-the hills
-the city
-waterloo road
-peter andre: the next chapter
-jeremy kyle!

8 Favourite Places To Eat:
-butchers arms
-pizza express
-any chinese!
-mc donald's (come on, doesn't everyone!)
-horse and hound
-the windmill

8 Things I Look Forward To: 
-the day i can drive
-finishing school with amazing grades!
-moving somewhere i've always dreamed of living
-owning a house
-having my dream job
-falling in love and getting married
-reaching 1,000 subscribers on my youtube
-having children

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
-i had no breakfast
-i spent 4 hours revising for science 
-i did my maths homework
-i spent two and a half hours on justdance2
-i text someone that i hadn't spoken to in a while
-i had sunday lunch
-i made some chocolate cookies 
-i stood out in the rain

Things That I Love About Winter:
-everyone coming together when it snows
-watching the rain, from inside
-drinking hot chocolate 
-snuggling up and watching a film
-wearing coats and boots
-snuggling up under the duvet

Things On My Wishlist:
-superdry checkered jacket
-jack wills laptop case
-mac angel lipstick
-nars sheer matte foundation
-nars orgasm blusher
-boots botantics face brush
-liz earle cleanse and polish
-opi nail polishes
-china glaze nail polishes
-sigma premium kit 

Things I'm Passionate About: 
-my youtube
-my blog
-my gcses
-my life
-my family
-my cousins 
-my friends 

Words or phrases I use a lot: 
-seriously man!
-bad man
-yeah but no..
-excuse me!

Things I've learnt from the past:
-don't reply to horrible texts 
-don't argue if theres nothing to argue about 
-mess around and just have fun
-only listen to the people that you care about
-always look who that text is going to
-be the best person you can be
-always be positive
-everyday, always: have a smile on your face

8 Places I Would Love To Visit: 
-new york
-los angeles 

Things I want or need:
-everyone i love to be happy
-to earn a large salary 
-to keep up a good relationship with my family
-my mum to always be my best friend
-to be treated fairly at the mac counter! 
-money of my own
-an ipad
-some melted chocolate, mmm... 

8 Bloggers I'm Tagging: 

Big thank you to Jen who tagged me (:  Go and check out her blog as it's really nice! 

Love you!


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