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Friday, 3 December 2010

Why don't I love them!?!

Nude lipsticks and me just don't click! I have four of the things and only one of them suits me and it's not really a nude!
I've really tried to love them but it just doesn't happen, I don't know why?
These are the four I own..

from left to right:
MAC Myth, MAC (? miscellaneous), Gosh Darling and ELF natural nymph. All of these are beautiful colours,however they just never look right on me. Whether it's because I think I look like a right tart! or the fact that I just don't suit nudes! Brighter colours just look so much better on me.
However,the lipstick second from the left-the MAC one actually works! This MAC lipstick is discontinued and I got it from Bicester CCO. Sadly, most of the letters have rubbed off the bottom of the lipstick so i don't actually know the colour name. This is a lustre lipstick which is my favourite finish to a lipstick. As you can see,the colour is a lot pinkier than the rest,that it is nearly not even a nude at all!
Can any of you recommend some colours that are more pinky shade nudes? Like the one above? Do any of you have trouble wearing nudes as well or am I alone!


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