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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What I did This Christmas Time...

This year was one of my favourite christmases so far! Every year, I spend christmas day with my dad + his family and boxing day with my mum + her family. So this year, I woke up at mums so we could open our presents and then went to dads later on and opened presents at his - I'll let you know what I got in a christmas haul post which will most likely be up tomorrow. Then all my dad's family came round and we had a lovely christmas dinner with creme brule for dessert. We then opened all the family presents and had a go on rockband on the wii as usual, with my very bad singing to accompany it! After that, we had some turkey sandwiches and chocolate as that is a normal thing to do in our family! I headed off to bed at about eleven after having a play around with the bits I got. 

The next day was boxing day and to me, the two days role into one because one is spent with mum and the other with dad and to me they are both equally important and special. I went to mum's at twenty past eleven to be precise! We then headed off to a local restaurant to have a meal with the whole eighteen of us! I have many cousins, but my (shh.. favourite) one came over from australia and we get on amazingly well, so as he was there we got to have a major catch up! We then went off to my aunties for the rest of the day as we usually do and played just dance two on the wii(I'm going to have to get that, it's so good! - I've got it now!) Me and my "favourite" cousin, had a dance off on that game, and I totally owned him, LOL!   Then we just chilled out and had a bit of something for tea and it was pretty yummy. Oh, and so was pudding! - Chocolate Yule Log.. Mmmmm! :) For the rest of the night.. we had more dance off's on just dance two and I again, totally owned everyone- to be totally honest, haha!

On monday we had a re-play of boxing day! We went sledging in the morning with everyone and that was really cool, but then we got all chilly and headed for costa- the best decision ever! I had a creme brule latte and a caramel shortbread (it's christmas-  i can be naughty!) Then we went home and played on guess what... just dance 2!  It was a great night and later on, all my aunties and my mum asked me to do their eye make-up which was really cool, on two of them I had to do a dramatic eye, and an everyday look on the other two which was really good and they all loved their looks afterwards (: My little cousins also wanted to join in on the action and I did their eyes too! 

Sorry this hasn't been a very beauty related post but I've been reading a few posts like this one and thought they were really nice as I like to see what other people do at christmas time! 
Let me know, what you do?

gingerbread beauty xx

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