Beautiful People!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I'm having a huge makeup giveaway for my YouTube channel reaching 300 subscribers! So I'm giving you all a little heads up to enter as the video link is down below so go and check it out because you only need to comment to enter and for a second entry, follow this blog! Oh and for a third entry you just have to favourite the video!


Or watch below here! 

It'd be great for you all to enter! 

Thank You:D


  1. Entered and commented on the video sweetie. Lovely giveaway! Wish you could put a Barry M in there because it is so hard to get my hands on one of those since I live in the US, but I understand it might burst and that would be so bad, but I am coming to the UK this Summer so I may snag one while I'm there. Lovely blog, lovely face. Much love dear. x

  2. @Ines- Thank you lovely! :) I know, I wish that I could of put that in there as well! I'm just worried that it would smash and then it would wreck all the other prizes as well! Ah, what's your YouTube name? :)

  3. I would love to enter into this giveaway!!!!
    I follow your blog!!!!!
    I sub to your yt: vietcherryblossom!!!!!
    I also favorite it too!!!!!!!

  4. hey i entered your giveaway and followed ur blog my youtube username is jackmercersgirl :)

  5. Hey :) you are so beautiful and thank you for awesome giveaway :)
    if i could win i would be the happiest girl alive :)
    keep posting videos,beautiful :) love them! <3