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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Review: Pix! Bronze Booster

Me and Bronzer used to be best friends, then we fell out and now this Pix! Bronze Booster has revived my love for the bronzing world.

It's a pigmented bronzer and I have it in the colour No.1 Light Bronze and this is a great everyday colour for me. The above picture is not a great representation of the colour what so ever as it looks orange and like it would 'tango' your skin. It does however have a few red undertones to the powder, but still manages to look natural on the skin. It is not matte, but it has no glitter or shimmer particles present in the product, It just manages to give the skin a nice sheen. 

When purchased, It has a raised area in the middle of the powder which reads the brand name - "Pix!'

It has a cute pull out tray underneath the product, which then reveals a small brush very much like the benefit brushes that come with the 'Box Powders'. I usually hate the brushes that come with products but this one I don't mind, no means does this mean that I use it everyday to apply this product to my face, but when on-the-go I don't mind reaching for it and applying the product with this. It is relatively soft and has rounded edges so you don't end up with stripes all over your face!

Overall, I really do like this product. It is a great bronzer, without making me look overly tanned and shimmery! It does a great job at giving me 'that glow' that we all long for, but also manages to not darken my skin or add to the oil that is already present. 

This is priced at £14.50 and available from Boots and Pix! stores in the UK. I Believe that this brand is also available in the US and Canada as the person that recommend this to me, lives over there.

What do you think of the new font and set up? 
I'm liking it! 

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