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Monday, 2 May 2011

Do You Really Want To Be Someone Else?

I just watched a video from 'strawberryelectric48' about loving yourself and you are the person that you should be. Now, this sprung idea's into my head about people wanting to be other people. I've had girls on youtube messaging me saying 'I want to look like you, You're So Beautiful' and that's lovely, but you should want to be yourself! Now, I know that all of us want a different bum sometimes or would kill to just be able to tone up our mid-drift! << That's fine because it's not you wanting to be someone else! 

I've learnt to be comfortable with who I am, but I know many people that still want to be someone else. They want to be smarter, thinner, taller, prettier or something else. I'd love to be able help all of you that feel that way and if you ever feel the need to speak to someone that won't judge you and someone that you can just open up to; I'm always here. Just email me at:

You're all amazing, each of you in a different way. For all we know.. the next albert einstein could be reading this! The next kate moss! We never know, and that's why, everyone of you is special. We all know and realise that there is some horrible people in the world who don't think this about everyone and they just want to put everyone down because most of the time- they're just jealous! 

Jealousy is the worst trait ever and I think nearly everyone has been jealous of someone once in their life, for whatever reason. This is absolutely fine as long as it's not making you depressed and you're not hurting the person on the other end. 

Never try to be anyone else, always yourself because no one can beat that.


  1. Great post, your so amazing :)
    I wish I had your confidence but I don't, so I guess that proves I can relate to this post :/
    Izzy <3 xx

  2. @Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) - Thank You! <3 xx