Beautiful People!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

You Make Me Feel Like I'm Living A Teenage Dream

Twitter is good for making you think you know? 
Some of the people that tweet quotes that automatically relate to your life, it's great. It always makes me think about a certain person. You know, when someone will say something and even though they haven't mentioned a name, you're thinking of one certain person. 
I think that everyone has one of those people, do you? 
Someone that you can go to, trust and feel like they respect you. You belong with them, no matter whether you're friends, cousins, boyfriend&girlfriend, married, engaged, crushes? 

That feeling.. It really is magical. If you don't know what I'm talking about, think back to when you were little and you had that little teddy bear that you would cuddle up to when you were upset and it would just help sooth you or calm you down, obviously.. without saying a word. Just because it was there. Now think of that, but the teddy bear is actually a person and instead of grabbing it when you are upset, you phone the person up, you meet them, you just see them. 

When you see that person, you automatically smile. You're face lights up, you're eyes have that sparkle in them, even when someone just says the persons name. 
I'm writing this, because sometimes.. that person is always there in our lives and because they are, we sometimes take them for granted. We just expect them to be there. 
So for either this week or month, I want you all to give that special person that you "belong to" some attention, for them to feel a sense of belonging - because if they're always there for you.. sometimes you have to repay the favour <3