Beautiful People!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Exciting News!

I feel as though it's been a long time no speak with my blog since last year where I started blogging again slightly last summer. I do love blogging and writing things for you guys to read and as a lot of other youtubers seem to have started to put a blog post up along side a video so people can see more in depth swatches, I feel as though I should get more into doing it again as I do like this idea. My reason for not blogging on this blog is because I really depise the URL and I know that I can change it but it does cause many difficulties and I also hate the way that this blog is laid out. So I have an idea: I'm going to be setting up my own website in conjunction with my YouTube channel so much like those of 'Gemsmaquillage' and 'Fleur De Force', O will be able to put up blog posts that I want to on my own website/blog that I am proud of! This is obviously going to take me some time to set up so please bare with me but when all is done, I hope you all still thoroughly support me! Thank you!


  1. you'll have to put a blog on here when your done so i can follow:)xxxxx

  2. @rebeccasiaan! : I will do! :) xxxxx